Stafford Painters FAQ

Does your company have insurance?
Stafford Painters is fully insured to protect our customers, workers and company. As a home owner, you’d be taking a large risk to hire any uninsured contractor.
Should I paint, or stain my house?
If your house has previously been painted, then your only option is to repaint, unless you sand the entire house down to bare wood (which would be extremely labor intensive and costly).
Can you paint over stain?
Yes, you can paint a previously stained home. However, it does require a total prime coat to ensure the paint has a good surface to adhere to.
Can you paint vinyl or aluminum siding?
Yes. A thorough pressure wash to remove oxidized paint and dirt, followed by a finish coat in a high quality acrylic will add a new look and brighten the curb appeal of any faded aluminum or vinyl sided home. We also add Emulsibond to the finish coat for maximum adhesion of the new coat to the vinyl or aluminum substrate.
Can you paint corrugated steel buildings?
Yes. We pressure wash with a 5000LBS pressure washer to ensure the removal of all dirt and oxidized paint. We then spot prime any rusted areas with a rust inhibitive primer, and finish coat with Direct to Metal Latex or a high quality acrylic resin paint Emulsibond added.
Do we have to be home in order to get our estimate?
No, unless it is an interior project where we need to be let into your home. For exterior estimates we will come snap a photo of your home and take necessary measurements. We will then put together a formal estimate and send it out to you in the mail. If you provide us with an email address we can also send you a digital version of your estimate.
Can you email my estimate to me?
Yes. Just provide us with the email address where you’d like it sent.
Do you offer any warranties with your work?
Yes. Please Contact Us for details.
What brand of products do you use?
We use all products from Sherwin Williams, PPG, Moralo, and Benjamin Moore. However, special requests for products can be made.
Will you be using ladders to paint my house?
We use boom lifts to complete a majority of our high work. It helps to increase the speed and efficiency or our work. Our lifts also ensure a quality paint job on even the hardest to reach areas of your home because of security and safety of the lift basket. If we do not have access with our boom lifts we also have the necessary ladders to complete any job.
Can I hire you to just pressure wash my house?